I have worked in further and higher education, training consellors for many years.  Courses at higher level last several years.  Introductory courses may be one year or a few weeks.  Many students on shorter courses gain an insight into their own lives and relationships, which helps both their personal and professional development.

I have also trained groups of personnel in education, social work and mental health.  I offer a unique approach to communication, self awareness and engaging with others, particularly but not exclusively working with children and young people.

My maxim here is: Anxiety blocks performance – meaning: emotional arousal prevents full cognitive function, stops us thinking clearly, and possibly behaving inappropriately.

The way I work helps to recognise when intense feelings are getting in the way of good communication. The overall focus in my work is understanding our relationships; with ourselves, our relations, our friends, colleagues, partners, parents, children… with food, drugs, work, etc. and how to effect change to improve all these relationships, how to defuse aggression and deal with challenge and conflict.

Recognising and acknowledging our strengths, and using them in practice and everyday life form the basis of my work.

Student Feedback

quoteleft This course has changed my relationship with my partner quoterigfht