How Counselling Can Help

My role as a counsellor is not to judge or criticise, or even advise; we would work together to help you use your potential and your resources to find your way through the difficulties which you bring, at a pace which suits you.  In listening to you and paying real attention to you as an individual, we develop a respectful and trusting relationship.

My aim would always be for you to gain greater clarity and self-understanding so that you can move forward to become more self reliant when faced with what might otherwise overwhelm you.

How would I do this?

  • by listening to you and focusing on what concerns and worries you may have – your needs;
  • by recognising and encouraging you to become aware of your strengths – your resources;
  • by going at your pace and being guided by your agenda to help you understand your needs and use those resources …

… you will begin to regain that feel-good factor, your zest for life and enjoyment in your relationships.  You will also notice that the change in you will have a beneficial effect on those around you.