Supervision for Individuals & Groups

To strengthen my work and to ensure I continue to be professional, I receive on-going professional support and training.  This keeps me up-to-date and on track.

In turn I currently provide supervision to individual counsellors.  Talking through their work with clients – whilst maintaining client confidentiality – is a very important aspect of being a talking therapist. Just as a counsellor’s work is to listen and encourage the client to work through their issues with the counsellor’s support, so it is with a supervisor – to attend to the counsellor’s responses to their clients’ material.  It is a way of maintaining confidence and competence and professional integrity.

I have also provided individual supervision with personnel in social work and mental health agencies.  For many years I was practice teacher to trainee social workers for Bristol University and University of the West of England, Bristol. If you are working with vulnerable people (Counsellor or other Agency worker) and are looking for a Supervisor, do email or ring 07726 924033 or 0117 9738900 and we can discuss your needs.

I have provided group supervision and facilitation in a variety of community, mental health and social work settings.  I also offer facilitation to groups and teams in education, and health settings.  If you are a member of such a group and are looking for a facilitator / supervisor, it may be that what I offer would meet your criteria;  please email or ring 07726 924033 or 0117 9738900