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The charge for a one hour session for individuals is £50.

For couples and larger groups I charge £80.

I’m willing to negotiate these charges for those with limited means.

Together we agree on the number of sessions.  The work may be 6 – 8 sessions long, or it may run for months, or a year.

Sessions are usually weekly; however, I work flexibly with clients who prefer fortnightly, or even twice weekly for a time.  As clients come to the end of their work with me, it’s often useful to have longer gaps between sessions.  We discuss this and work it out together.

I am available for appointments at various times, day-time and evening – sometimes a time at the weekend is all that can be managed one week – particularly if your work schedule varies.

If either of us needs to cancel a session – whatever the reason – it’s important that we contact each other.  I shall give you plenty of notice if I can’t manage to keep your appointment.  If you can’t manage the arranged appointment I ask you to let me know at least 24 hours before the time and date of the session.  If notice is less than 24 hours I shall charge you the full fee.