Communication skills

All my professional life has been to do with communicating effectively (‘Effective Listening’) – that is, to take the time to really listen to others, show that you have really heard them; and be able to say what you mean in an appropriate way, to make your point, to ensure that others understand you, and, if not, find another way to express what you mean.  Ref The way I work

For several years I have been running my ‘Effective Listening’ courses for support staff in schools in South Gloucester Council’s Professional Training and Development section.

It seems that “Relationships” is the key concept in all this work, since communication is what happens in relationships. The whole point of all this is to enjoy a way of communicating that works for all your different relationships, both personal and professional.

In this way I link all my professional experiences in the work I do now.   Which is why I offer a range of support to individuals, families and professional groups.