Looking after ourselves

DSCF4131reducedI believe that body, mind, brain and spirit are intricately connected, each constantly resourcing and responding to the others.  To this end I vary my activities, and this philosophy underpins my counselling work.  We all need help from time to time to keep a healthy mind/body and work/leisure balance.  I encourage clients and students to make the most of their own resources, skills and talents, to become more self-reliant and enhance the ‘feel good’ factor.  Our well-being is important and helps us to feel more open in our relationships.

I’ve done a lot of writing over the years, given presentations about my work. You might find some of my writing interesting.  Signpost: Research/Publications

I’m a keen cyclist to and from assignments around town – shopping, training, meetings, work, etc., as well as for fun.  I’m a bit of a gymnast to keep the body sound; for many years I did yoga very seriously.

I sing with the Bristol Choral Society, play ‘cello in amateur orchestras and chamber music groups, make clothes and furnishings, like to garden and love cooking.  I’m still fascinated by language – foreign as well as English, and speak several European languages.